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Solemnizing Marriages
Often times we receive calls informing us that the marriage license needs to be notarized as was told by some county office clerk.
We want to educate you, that the law requires you to exchange your covenant vows to each other.   This is the definition of  "solemnizing
a marriage".   At no time your marriage license can be signed, stamped and dated where you are then considered married without the exchanging of vows.   Couples are required to enter into a covenant marriage.

The Wedding Minister Officiant Role and responsibility

We don't just officiate, we are a part of your special day and do provide services required to
establish and make your day legal.    Your union is the most important part of your day as it symbolize your love to each other and later it will connect your mind, body, soul and spirit.   Therefore, we want you to reflect seriously on the impartation of your gift of love from one man or woman as it is the giving and receiving of your gift of love.   The reason we preside, we are authorized with the state and we are also a witness on your wedding day.    In addition,  we will execute the following:

  • Declaration of Intent: The couple confirms their intent to commit to their vows with the officiant present.

  • Pronouncement: The wedding officiant pronounces the couple as married.

  • Marriage License:  The marriage license will be signed by your Wedding Minister Officiant and (witnesses if applicable). 

  •  “Before any of the persons named in s. 741.07 shall solemnize any marriage, he or she shall require of
    the parties a marriage license issued according to the requirements of s. 741.01, and within 10 days
    after solemnizing the marriage he or she shall make a certificate thereof on the license, and shall
    transmit the same to the office of the county court judge or clerk of the circuit court from which it
    issued.” Fla. Stat. § 741.08.    


Ministerial Credentials:


Now, let's talk about you as we are here to assist you in celebrating your very special day, which is the beginning of sharing your life together. The saying goes, "life is better together."  Every wedding can be tailored to reflect you.   You will have the option to create your wedding vows as it relates to your personal story or you can choose from our available scripts.   

Specialties are:   Elopement and Quick simple exchange of vows  -  Monday to Thursday 10;00 to 4:00 pm 

Service Types:  Catholic, Jewish,  Non-denominational (mentions God), Religious Ceremonies, Double Ceremonies,

                           Interfaith, Informal Ceremonies.      Vow Renewals, and Anniversaries,

Add Ons:
Unity Candle Lighting

Three Cord Strands

Feet Washing

Salt Covenant

Cultural Tradition

Jumping the Broom

Breaking the Glass 

Payment Methods:   Cash, Zelle, 
                                           Optional Choice:  MC or Visa
NOTE:  CC processing fee will apply

Rush Fee:   Applicable based on the couple unique situation.  For example,  short notice such as not previously booked.