Image of an Apostille Certification


An additional service is now available for those who require apostilled documents. Certification is provided by the Secretary of State for Florida with the assistance of your Notary Public.  However, all  Federal documents will be processed with the US Department of State.

Apostille is available to all 50 States as well as the International countries of the Hague Conference on Private International Law (Hague Countries).

The process and time depends on your deadline.   It begins with you the client and type of document needing apostille. We are your liason between the SOS and the Hague Country your apostille document is going to. Return of your documents are hand delivered to you from the Notary once the completed Apostille document is received. You will be notified once the document is received.

Express Service is available at a flat rate to include all State fees, Courier Service, and FedEx return shipping. Delivery time is approximated at 5-7 days.

Standard Delivery Time via USPS is approximately 6 weeks and is also processed at a flat rate.   If you are not in a rush, this service is for you.

Every document needing Apostille authentication and certification will be billed separately. Documents that can be apostille are: Vital Records in its original form such as a Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate and Death Certificate. 

 Another document that can be apostilled is a Power of Attorney.   This is one of our most requested document for the apostille process,  as it assists the client to have their relative or friend to handle any business transaction overseas.