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What is Revocable Living Trust?

It is the process of arranging the management and disposition of a person's assets in Florida, both during your life and after death, to ensure an individual's wishes are honored and their beneficiaries are protected.  An estate consists of all assets owned such as a car, home and other real estate. Financial accounts can include checking and savings, investments, life insurance and furniture. Revocable Living Trust is complex and includes several documents that can be prepared by a Lawyer or based on Florida law can be done by an individual.

A Trust is not designed only for the elderly, retired or wealthy individual. It typically can focus on families with children, pets and those with modest assets such as real estate, investments, life insurance a checking and savings account. People have a tendency to procrastinate in preparing an estate due to lack of understanding and they often feel they have a lot of time to wait, but quite to the contrary it is important to research and consult with a lawyer for proper guidance in order that there will not be a delay. One should think about catastrophe that is unforeseen as if we fail to put a plan in place, the State will create one for you through the Court System. It can become expensive, time consuming which means it can take many months to process. So it is best for us to educate ourselves and create our estate plan while we are or have our mental faculty in place. There are many things that can happen to us such as becoming disabled due to illness and as a result, we may not be in the position to speak for ourselves. Let us become aware of some common terms that you will see in a prepared Estate.

They are:

Conservator: A person who has the legal duty to care for or maintain the person and/or property of an incapacitated adult.

Trustee: A person responsible for the managing of the assets. It can be the person creating the Trust or the Trustee can be appointed. An appointed trustee is also known as a fiduciary.

Successor Trustee: A person named to take over managing the assets should the trustee pass.

Revocable Living Trust: Is a document ( the "trust agreement") created by you to manage your assets during your lifetime and to distribute the remaining assets after your death.  The person creating a trust is called a "grantor" or "settler". Changes can be made to the Trust at anytime as events occur. A revocable trust avoids probate by transferring of assets during your lifetime to the trustee.

Fiduciary: The obligation to manage assets in the same way a prudent person would manage his own assets.

Estate Taxes: The death taxes imposed by the federal government on the transfer of assets at death.

Executor: The person responsible for distributing your assets after your death.

Beneficiary Designations:  The persons named to receive any property, finance etc. after your death.

Istestate:  A situation when a person dies without leaving a valid will.

Lady Bird Deed/Enhanced Life Estate:  Is available in only a few states in the country.   Is more suitable for a single property owner.  It does allow you to avoid Florida probate court for the real property being deeded.  However, other assets are eligible to pass through probate.

Probate:  Is a court-supervised administration of a descendant estate.   It is a process created by State law to transfer assets from the descendant name to his or her beneficiaries.

Testator - A person who makes a will.

We are now offering our service to partner with estate planning law, elder Law, family law, and probate law as well as individuals within the community.   We have received advanced training on how to present trust documents and have  received certification as a CNTDA Agent.   As a result, we are confident that we can assist you in the handling of  your Trust package.    Service can be provided to you at your office, home or any safe location. Mobile notary service is available or if needed our own office located in Tampa, FL can accommodate you.

"Each and every Notary Public plays a crucial role in combating identity theft.  They serve as our front line of defense and the public is safer because of the job they do."

- Ken Salazar 

 "We are a NON-LAWYER self-help service that provides legal document preparation assistance at our customer's specific direction. We are NOT attorneys and CANNOT provide legal advice. If you have legal questions, we encourage you to consult with or retain an attorney. "




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