Estate Planning/Family Documents

Image of Last Will and Testament

Durable Power of Attorney

Is a document used to designate a trusted friend or relative to handle all of your affairs in the event one should become ill or have an eventful accident.   The time to execute is while you are healthy and in your right mind.

Last Will and Testament

Many people are afraid to have this document completed, but based on my Mother's desire, we were very grateful and appreciative that she took the time to have it done.  When she passed away, it made life less complicated for all of our siblings.

Living Will

Life is unpredictable as we cannot determine our future, whether we are healthy, young or old.   We create bank accounts, we go to college and we graduate.  We then seek employment.  So why not take the time to tell our friends or family our desire of what we want done should we have an accidental incident where we cannot speak for ourselves?   We cannot be afraid of the unknown, but we should prepare for the unknown.   It sure will simplify life for those who loves us.

Health Surrogate

Being a medical professional, and based on passed experience and in educating our patient we usually discuss this form with them so they can decide on the person who is best suited to carry out their health wish.  Do I want to be on life support?  Do I want CPR done?  Do I want tube feeding?   While we are healthy and in our right mind is the time to make this decision.

When you have these documents completed, it will speak for you.   The saying goes, "the power of the pen is mightier than the sword".


DISCLAIMER: Description of these documents are for educational purpose only and to bring awareness to the notarization process. This description is not intended for any legal advise.



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