About Us

A woman-based minority owned  Mobile Notary company who offers Apostille Services in Tampa, Florida.  Additional specialty includes, Loan Signing as it relates to Real Estate transaction.  Exceedingly Mobile Notary offers apostille services for documents required  to go to an International Country.  They are usually real estate transaction, verification of I-9 form for employment status or simply to execute a POA for a family member domestically and for overseas.   Some of these documents may also be needed for intrastate transaction.  We have the ability to  execute your documents  in person or via Remote Online Notarization  RON is a service that allows us to provide electronic notarization anywhere in the country and offer convenience to you.   

Our Role

The central value of notarization lies in the Notary Public's ability to be impartial while screening the signer for identity, willingness and awareness.  Meaning you must be cognizant neurologically in order for your document transaction to be processed.  Our screening process detects and deters document fraud, and helps to protect the personal rights and property of private citizens.

"Each and every Notary Public plays a crucial role in combating identity theft. They serve as our front line of defense and the public is safer because of the job they do."

- Ken Salazar