Providing mobile and in house fingerprinting service to you as needed whether it is at the national level, FBI or Global. The applicant / customer is responsible to know the ORI number of their employer or agency to ensure that results are sent to the correct location. Our office does not take responsibility for incorrect selection of ORI numbers.

Some of the clients we have served

  • ATF
  • Medical Professional
  • Immigration
  • Global
  • Nationwide

NOTE: Concealed weapon licenses and expungements MUST be processed by Law Enforcement Agency. For example, your finger print should be done by your local Sheriff Department.

Fingerprint Type: At this time we offer Fingerprint Hard Cards Only
Out-of-State Hard Card fingerprint service is available

Need photo ID to go along  with your finger prints.  We can get your photo done.

NOTE:  Each service you require are priced separately.

Appointment: Book your appointment ahead of time.


Failure to provide all required information may lead to the rejection of your fingerprints

  • ORI number, OCA Number if applicable
  • Government issued photo ID such as Driver License or Passport

PHOTO ID: We offer photography for the production of photo identification
Pricing:  Rates vary depending on agency/ORI#
HOURS for in house Fingerprint service
Tuesday - 3 - 5p
Wednesday - 10-12p
Thursday - 10-12p
Friday - 10-12p