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Document Assistance (Pro Se)

Is a service offered for the self litigant customer otherwise known as the pro se process.

While we can assist you in filling out your documents per your directive, this is what we will do for you.   We do not provide any legal advice.   If at anytime you feel you need legal advice, we strongly recommend that you see an attorney to answer any question you may need clarification with.

Our processing time range is 7 – 10 days from the time of intake and signing of your agreement contract to include payment for service   Your cost is targeted to that particular document.   Documents we can assist you with based on your directive are:  Divorce, Eviction Notice, Rental arrears, Paternity, POA, Last Will & Testament, and Living Will.

Additional rates will be applied for Courier Service, Scan, Printing of documents you may provide to be attached to your document to be filed.   Rush Fee:  If required by you will be added to your original cost.