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Immigration & Citizenship Service -Tampa, Florida

Immigration & Citizenship Services

Welcome to the wide array of Immigration as we navigate alongside with you on your journey.  Whether you are abroad, you are currently in the US  or soon to join your spouse and you are highly skilled in your profession and need help with the USCIS Immigration application form, we are here to assist you with your visa process.  Our consultants have been trained by the best in the field of Immigration Law and do have their support during the application process.

Adjustment of Status:

Transitioning from one visa status to the next is one of the areas we can assist you in, but you must remain compliant....meaning your status meets criteria or more plainly speaking your current Visa has not expired.

US Citizenship:

We can prepare you with the naturalization process to become a US Citizen by first beginning with completing the correct application form.  Are you worried about your interview appointment?  No need to worry as we will give you guidance on how to study and prepare for your interview.  We will be with you every step of the way.


If you are feeling threatened in the country where you live, let us assist you with the complexities of the application process.   

Nonimmigrant Visa Categories

Below are types of Visa you may be eligible to apply for:

Purpose of Travel to include attending High School or College.  Becoming a Temporary Agricultural worker.  Tourism for  vacation or being a pleasure visitor.  Work Permits and visa for Business Immigration.   We are committed to serving you  during the USCIS application process

  • B1/B2
  • F1 Visa
  • J1 Visa
  • M1 Visa

USCIS Family Reunification is available for the following countries:

Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala and Colombia

Our trained Immigration Consultants are readily available to serve you.  So do not hesitate to let us assist you with your Immigration needs. 

"We are a NON-LAWYER self-help service that provides legal document preparation assistance at our customer's specific direction. We are NOT attorneys and CANNOT provide legal advice. If you have legal questions, we encourage you to consult with or retain an attorney. "


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Privacy Policy

All of the client information provided to Exceedingly Mobile Notary, LLC will be treated with full privacy and confidentiality. All stored information will only be disclosed according to  compliance with government set Privacy regulations. We do not sell or trade our clients' personal data to any third party.

Cancellation Policy

All fees are payable to Exceedingly Mobile Notary LLC . 

If our notary is in transit, or arrives to the signing location and signing does not occur for any reasons whatsoever there will be a $60 cancellation fee assessed.

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